Concrete Sidewalk Contractor in Rancho Cucamonga CA

At Rancho Cucamonga Concrete Pros we provide premiere concrete services and the best home driveways Rancho Cucamonga has known in the past 20 years. Our position of respect and esteem in the homeowners and contracting community was hard-earned and we are proud of it – we even offer concreting services 24/7 and on weekends and holidays to best suit the schedules of our valued clients.

We are not just any concrete slinger, we are an experienced and professional provider of superior concrete services with an understanding of what it takes to run a professional service. Never settle for less than the Absolute best when making this important addition to your home or commercial property.

Benefits of Sidewalks for Your Rancho Cucamonga Home

Cost Effective

Concrete is one of the most cost-effective sidewalk solutions available. It lasts long and features a comfortable mid-range price tag. 


You may have an oddly shaped sidewalk or something very large of short you would like paved. No matter the size, shape or other specifications, concrete sidewalks provide the consumer with a wide range of options. 


You will not find another paving option as durable and efficient as a concrete paved sidewalk. IT withstands the regular damage of traffic and withstands the elements well if kept clean and sealed. 

Easy Maintenance

A regular washing scrubbing combined with a regular resealing is all that your concrete needs to last a few more years. 

Styles and Aesthetics

You don’t have to use drab gray, there are pinks, browns, greens and every shade of blue to think of as well. Textures can also add to the aesthetics of your concrete path. 

Common Causes of Concrete Cracking

There is no single reason your concrete path will begin to show signs of cracking, this is usually caused by a whole host of reasons.

No Crushed Stone Base

Your concrete will only be as sturdy as the ground below. Soil can change shape with temperatures and water content. Without a sturdy bed of crushed stone, your concrete path will crack when the soil moves. 

Missing Control Joints

A savvy contractor will add control joints throughout the concrete slab. These aren’t actually there to prevent the concrete from cracking as much as decide where the cracks will occur.

Lack of Construction Joints

Two separate slabs of concrete will be connected with a construction joint. This will keep the two slabs from cracking when they push up against each other.

Wrong Concrete Mix Design

Mixing cement is a complex science and the exact ratios of water and air and even temperature ranges must be ideal for a long lasting sidewalk. The good news is that most concrete companies in operations today, use specially designed formulas that prevent cracking. 

With a background in addressing concrete construction projects of all types, Rancho Cucamonga Concrete Pros is always ready with a precision solution and professional approach. Call us at at 909-326-2617 to get a free estimate on your project. 

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