Concrete Resurfacing in Rancho Cucamonga CA


No matter what needs you have for your concrete floor, Rancho Cucamonga Concrete Pros has the skill and solutions for you. Flooring systems can last for decades, but with a concrete floor you will want to get it touched up at the first appearance of cracking or disrepair. 


Concrete resurfacing is an affordable and completely safe method of improving and restoring concrete floors of all types in all locations. Here are just some of the impressive applications of concrete resurfacing. 

  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Pool decking 
  • Educational facilities 


Concrete resurfacing is not just an affordable and intelligent way to bring new life to your home or commercial area, it is the best way to keep your floors as functional as possible. 


  • Having your driveway ripped up and torn out to make way for a new driveway is an especially expensive process and. If you begin noticing cracks and fissure forming, it will be time to apply resurfacing as fast as possible.


  • The patio is such a great place to entertain guests and relax in the evenings, but it should look its best if it is to improve the atmosphere. Having your patio resurfaced is the best way to restore your floor as well as make it available for a wide variety of additional flooring options


  • Pool decks can see some of the very worst damage as they are out in the sunshine and constantly stressed with chlorinated water and other elements. What can you do if you notice that your pool deck is beginning to show signs of damage? Call in our professional resurfacing contractors. We have the skills and the materials to ensure your pool deck looks beautiful again. Pool decks are often embedded with important piping and other components of the pool area, But, no worries, resurfacing is a safe and gentle process that will not damage a thing. Call us today you might not even have to drain the pool.


  • Sidewalks receive as much damage as driveways even though they see less pressure. Sidewalks are also exposed to the elements and when the winter rolls around they will also be treated with salt to avoid slipping accidents. This harsh treatment can affect the conditions of your sidewalk. But, call in the experts to have your concrete sidewalk lovingly resurfaced. 


  • The floors of your garage are going to be attracting all kinds of harsh chemicals and vehicle fluids. The use of machinery and heavy-equipment can add to the strain these floors receive. IF you garage floor is beginning to look a bit scuffed, cracked or gouged call us in for a professional resurfacing.

With over 20 years in the business Rancho Cucamonga Concrete Pros has the skill, engineers and passion to provide a top-notch service that exceeds the expectations of our valued clients. Call Rancho Cucamonga Concrete Pros today at 909-326-2617 to find out more about our services and discuss your concrete projects. 


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