Concrete Foundation Laying in Rancho Cucamonga CA


At Rancho Cucamonga Concrete Pros, our meticulous concrete contractors take pride in their diligence and exceptional performance in producing top-grade foundations to suit every edifice. We handle concrete foundations of all sizes in Rancho Cucamonga, CA and you can always depend on us for that durable foundation that will support a structure and last for many decades. 


The foundation is the single most important aspect of any building project. The foundation is what connects the entire building and supports the carefully laid pile of sticks and bricks that make the building strong. The foundation also spreads out the weight of the structure so that it is well-balanced and distributed. This is why the strong concrete foundation is the primary architectural component that makes a building safe and functional.



This type of foundation is used extensively in regions where the ground is freezes in the winter. The foundation provides special support where the walls will be built and are built low into the ground where the soil will not freeze. Here the footing below the walls will be built slightly wider than the walls to provide support at the base. This footing will be placed in first and then the walls built above before the concrete will actually be poured.


In a Slab on grade type foundation, the concrete will be poured onto the ground with no footing support. Here the concrete around the edges will be thicker than the rest of the slab to keep it in good position. This foundation type provides sturdy support for many types of buildings but can only be used in warmer regions where the ground is not prone to freezing. Furthermore, this type of foundation should not be used if there are floods.


In a raft style foundation, the structure is resting upon a single concrete slab. The slab-on-grade type foundation will only support the weight of the lower building, but with the raft foundations weight of the entire building can be supported. This is done by placing strategically placed columns and pillars on to the foundation itself which will support the higher levels. If the soil bearing strength of the soil is in question, raft foundations may be the best type of support.

Give our foundation contractors the opportunity to review your project and see how we can serve you. Whether you need a foundation for a new shed or a custom home, we’re up to the challenge

At Rancho Cucamonga Concrete Pros we have a full team of experienced engineers with a passion for concrete and attention to detail that ensures a good job every time. Call us today at 909-326-2617 to receive a free estimate for your project.

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