Concrete Curbing in Rancho Cucamonga CA


Improving the look of your home’s landscaping is easier than you might think. Simple types of finishing, such as borders or curbing, can do a lot to enhance your home’s appearance. 

The Benefits Of Concrete Landscape Curbing

Property owners choose to install concrete curbing for many reasons. More than anything else, people want to avoid problems with other types of landscape edging. Concrete curbing doesn’t break easily, and it doesn’t have issues with rust either. 

Installing Landscape Borders

  • To start, the ground is prepared and the sod is cut. This helps to prepare your yard for the installation. 
  • From there, a self-contained trailer is used to mix the concrete. Color is added during this step as well. The dry mixture looks a lot like wet sand. 
  • After the concrete has been mixed, it is then wheeled over to the job site. From there, it’s placed into the machine so that a border can be created around your landscaping. 


Will Replacing My Edging With Concrete Damage My Landscaping?

If you choose to have new landscaping put in, the existing edging will be removed by the installer. A strip of sod around nine inches wide will then be cut away from your landscaping’s outer edges. This makes it possible to extend the curb along your current edging.

Can I Use My Lawnmower Near My Curbing?

The curbing won’t be damaged by your lawnmower. You can use your mower directly against it. This means you’ll be able to spend less time on wedding.

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